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Miss A stages and rumors of Suzy being an outcast

Pann: A critical evidence of Suzy being an outcast

(In this dance, they don't touch Suzy's butt only)


1. [+190, -120] What I'm wondering is why Suzy is not speaking up when all she has to say is "it's just rumors"

2. [+178, -28] Are people trying to put a good light on Suzy by making her pitiful? I don't understand why the three members are seen as bitches bullying Suzy. Do you want Suzy to be an outcast? Why? Because Suzy has to look pitiful? Because the three members have to be bitches? Can't you think objectively? Suzy fans and antis keep leaving comments on the three members' Instagrams and telling them to stop being jealous of Suzy ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Look how these people are turning innocent people into bitches

3. [+172, -35] Then are Suzy and Fei bullied in this?


4. [+117, -29] I also noticed it and wondered why. They kept doing the same thing on Music Bank

5. [+89, -6] Whether the bullying rumor is true or not, they don't look united on the stage at all. Suzy's singing and dancing are good but she looks separated from the other members

6. [+88, -9] The Internet is making her an outcast. Stop it. She has a lot of individual promotions and she's 7 years apart from Fei. Do they have to be best friends? An outcast can't laugh like this


7. [+64, -2] I'm planning on becoming a stylist so I worked part-time for Miss A's photo shoot in 2013. I was with them for 4~5 hours. I don't know if Suzy was an outcast but the members didn't seem to be close. They didn't look friendly or joke around. It wasn't like they hated each other but they weren't close. After the photo shoot, the staff said, "the members aren't close to each other"

8. [+58, -4] I think you want Suzy to be an outcast ㅋㅋ

9. [+55, -32] Min followed Suzy on SNS first but Suzy ignored her and followed other celebrities. Look how people are turning the three members into bitches

10. [+52, -10] I thought this post was bull and watched their Music Core stage, but they're definitely not touching Suzy. In the next dance, they touch each member's shoulders. Fei holds Min's shoulders whereas Suzy only puts her hand lightly on Fei's shoulders. I watched other stages but they did the same thing. But let's not assume that the bullying rumors are true


11. [+35, -3] I watched the stage and it's true. They do the same thing in other stages


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