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Kim So Hyun vs Kim Yoo Jung

Pann: Competitive Kim So Hyun vs Kim Yoo Jung


1. [+212, -17] I think Kim So Hyun is prettier. But Kim Yoo Jung has such an elegant aura... Her aura can't be found from the girls around her age

2. [+131, -1] I didn't know that they were in a same company

3. [+130, -0] I pity my face


4. [+72, -84] Kim So Hyun looks weird with bangs and curly hair. Kim Yoo Jung looks good in anything

5. [+63, -1] Kim So Hyun is a typical beauty with innocent aura. Kim Yoo Jung has a pretty smile with a lovely aura. Both are pretty, stop comparing

6. [+58, -23] But I'll vote for Kim Yoo Jung

7. [+54, -39] I'm not comparing but I've always found Kim So Hyun pretty

8. [+48, -20] If I had to choose, I'll pick Kim Yoo Jung

9. [+46, -36] I heard that Kim So Hyun has bangs because she's not confident with her forehead. So I'll choose Kim Yoo Jung

10. [+45, -10] If I were to born as one of them, I'll choose Kim So Hyun

11. [+39, -27] They're both pretty but Kim Yoo Jung is prettier. Her eye smile is so pretty and I think she'll grow up to look elegant ㅠㅠ

12. [+35, -21] Kim Yoo Jung was much prettier on Moon that Embraces the Sun

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