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Kangin calls VIXX N 'fucking trash' + more

Instiz: An idol who was called 'fucking trash' on broadcast

Q) N says cheesy words to the women. Girl group judges always pick N as #1, don't you think it's cringe-worthy?

Kangin) I want to kill him. I'm thinking of how I should beat him up.


Kangin) Instead of girl groups, I want the actress Kang Han Na. What about Seho hyung?

Seho) Never mind. I need to talk less. I got so much hate because I talked without thinking

Kangin) For you, it doesn't matter whether you get 100 times of hate or not

Seho) I'm honestly innocent. EXID Hani picked me as #1 but I was the only one who got hate. "Who are you to be picked by Hani..." I didn't do anything to Hani. Eunhyuk, you answer first.

Eunhyuk) Why are you so scared? I already achieved it. I wanted the girl group Lovelyz to be on it. What about you, Hakyeon?

N) I really don't know. I don't really have thoughts on it.

Kangin) Of course, you always spit, "I don't really have thoughts on it." You fucking trash, did your company tell you to say that?

Q) What do you think of N?

Kangin) Well... Loser? Minnow?

N) See this. On the broadcast, women prefer me and Kangin hyung hears about me around him... I see why he's defensive towards me.

Kangin) (laugh) I was joking. I'm honestly happy that N is popular as a romantic guy. With lots of love he's getting from the fans, I want him to leave this show ASAP.

Seho) Stop, stop. We're all close in real life. Kangin, me, and N take care of each other.


Q) N's self-compliments are extreme

N) I'm being honest. I'm saying the truth. I'm saying I'm good because I'm good.

Kangin) This kid is crazy. I never thought an insane character would appear after me.

N) But I'm really different from the hyungs. When they talk about girls, I talk about travelling.

Kangin) Manager, bring me something to hit him with

N) I'm still young.

Eunhyuk) You're not young


Instiz: Super Junior Kangin makes it obvious that he hates VIXX N a lot

Kangin's Instagram:

"Bachelor Party. Dong Yup-nim, Jongmin oppa, trendy Seho hyung, you've all worked hard. Eunhyuk-ah, it feels empty without you" #Eunhyuk anchovy

- He mentioned everyone (even Eunhyuk who wasn't there) except N


- Hul, if I was a fan, I'd be so hurt ㅠㅠ I'm not a fan but it makes me so sad... Imagine how the fans would feel

- I don't understand why he said this openly

- ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ No wonder why people hate Kangin. Doesn't he realize what to say and what not?

- He needs to apologize

- Kangin never stops with his controversies... Hahaha... Find strength, VIXX fans

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