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Is EXO the start of third generation idols?

Pann: I think EXO can start the third generation of idols

First generation: Success of H.O.T, opened the era of idols. But by early 2000's, idols were gone from the industry due to criticisms on their poor singing and idol prejudice.

Second generation: Success of TVXQ with full talents and visuals, brought idols back to the industry.

Third generation: Success of EXO as 'new form of idols'. 'Call Me Baby' targets both SMP and the public


1. [+177, -122] So do you think EXO can surpass TVXQ? They can't even surpass Bigbang

2. [+158, -68] I'm sorry but I don't agree with it. Everybody will agree that TVXQ was the start of the second generation because they're talented with good physical and digital sales. And there can't be a representative of the third generation unless Bigbang is gone. Bigbang is the only group recognized by the public in 2~3rd generations. It'd be a different story if Bigbang flops. And EXO's digital sales lack too much. Only the fans like EXO, not the public

3. [+126, -162] I might get a lot of downvotes but it's pathetic to choose a representative of third generation when Bigbang is not over yet ㅋㅋ I think Winner will be the one in a few years

4. [+57, -37] I'm a guy but Call Me Baby is honestly good. SM is jjang at performance

5. [+54, -13] If we're looking at the changes in idol market, then it's true that EXO started the third generation. H.O.T opened the idol market in first generation. The idol market died when H.O.T disbanded. TVXQ then appeared and started the second generation. TVXQ was split into two and Bigbang got into many scandals. Biggest idol groups have stopped their promotions and then so many rookie groups came out. None of the idol groups were special until EXO appeared and achieved a million seller record. So the first generation is H.O.T, the second generation is TVXQ, and the third generation is EXO. Some say it's not a third generation yet because the second generation is still on going. But a generation doesn't have to end for a new one, old generations go along with new ones. Your parents' generation and your generation are different but it doesn't mean that your parents' generation is over. The second generation is still on going and we also have the third generation started

6. [+47, -11] Honestly, I don't think EXO can open the third generation. They could in the future, though. But what? Winner? ㅋㅋ Let's see if they can surpass EXO, then. Because according to you guys, EXO has to surpass Bigbang

7. [+41, -12] Bigbang fans say EXO has to surpass Bigbang to open the third generation but is there any idol that can surpass H.O.T? According to you guys, it's still the first generation then ㅋㅋ You have to consider the changes in time. It's just a different generation. I don't understand why Bigbang fans are defensive over EXO

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