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Top 7 boy groups?

Pann: Top 7 boy groups

1. Bigbang
2. SHINee
3. B2ST
4. Infinite
5. EXO
7. Winner


1. [+290, -147] BTOB, my ass ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+126, -73] Winner is mentioned among big sunbaes when they're still a rookie group... Thanks!

3. [+122, -44] Thank you for mentioning Infinite!

4. [+96, -14] Honestly, it should be TVXQ, Bigbang, SuJu, EXO, B2ST, Infinite, SHINee, 2PM

5. [+77, -38] This group will last long ㅠㅠ


6. [+75, -36] I'd approve if it's TVXQ, SuJu, SHINee, Bigbang, EXO, 2PM and B2ST. How can the groups be listed when they didn't even win a daesang? I don't agree with BTOB, Winner, and Infinite

7. [+70, -10] TVXQ, Super Junior, SHINee, EXO, Bigbang, Infinite, B2ST

8. [+58, -14] The OP must be young. Or are you talking about the current generation? Honestly, it should be TVXQ, Bigbang, SuJu, SHINee, 2PM, B2ST, EXO

9. [+56, -3] I'm a Winner fan but they still have a long way to go. Thanks for mentioning them but it's embarrassing ㅋㅋ You should put SuJu and TVXQ

10. [+55, -37] TVXQ, SuJu, Bigbang, 2PM, SHINee, B2ST, EXO

11. [+47, -1] BTOB and Winner when you have SuJu, TVXQ, and Shinhwa... So subjective

12. [+25, -6] Do you know what Melodys are thinking wrongly? They say BTOB is talented but most idol groups are as talented as them. For example, there are BAP, Bangtan, and Block B. Do they really think BTOB can be listed here?

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