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Hyoyeon and Jiyeon

Pann: Hyoyeon's recent looks... Her prettiness slays


1. [+115, -31] Hul, Hyoyeon is so pretty. Honestly, I thought her visual was so-so in SNSD

2. [+114, -167] Do you hate Hyoyeon? Jiyeon is obviously prettier. How is she slaying?

3. [+96, -89] The group plagiarized SNSD. Please disband


4. [+51, -10] Hyoyeon is considered ugly in SNSD only ㅋㅋ She's a celebrity, after all. If you see them in real life, 8 members are all not ugly. Jiyeon is pretty, too. Don't say someone slays. Jiyeon fans will be mad

5. [+50, -36] Huh? Honestly, Jiyeon is prettier

6. [+42, -18] She's not ugly


7. [+36, -14] Hi~


8. [+30, -5] To the best reply - T-ara's international fans did it for T-ara, they're the ones that copied SNSD. I don't support T-ara but please know the facts

9. [+27, -23] How dare you put Hyorc to Jiyeon ㅋㅋ Jiyeon is unlikable but Hyoyeon is not that good, either

10. [+26, -19] Jiyeon is prettier ㅋㅋ

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