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Ai Shinozaki gets attention after dating rumors with Hongki

Pann: The class of Lee Hongki's girlfriend


1. [+242, -15] A lot of girls don't get why she's popular but it's not only about her face. It's the difference between her face and her body. Her face is cute but her body is extremely glamorous. Plus, she's all-natural. It's like how girls prefer Sunggyu, Bobby, and Baekhyun over strong facial features. Imagine those boys having muscular bodies with broad shoulders. Shinozaki appeals to guys in that way

2. [+186, -13] She looks natural. Her breasts are like the size of her head

3. [+146, -11] Her bust is no joke

4. [+99, -3] Lee Hongki is more popular in Japan. In Korea, You're Beautiful was totally slayed by Iris. But in Japan, You're Beautiful was at the level of Winter Sonata. Lee Hongki's character was a bright and smart guy, which Japanese people like

5. [+95, -5] She's natural... amazing ㅋㅋ

6. [+85, -3] What a body. When guys say their ideal type is someone who has stomach fat, they mean her

7. [+83, -2] Her breasts are like a head

8. [+73, -28] She's too good for Lee Hongki

9. [+69, -5] Her breasts are natural and her face is cute, it's why she's so popular among men. She's also from a rich family

10. [+64, -128] Am I the only one who finds it gross?

11. [+62, -1] I searched her name and all I got was pictures of her in bikini ㅋㅋ

12. [+57, -5] Lee Hongki clarified today that he doesn't have a girlfriend. He also said he was mad to see his name #1 on search ranking because of this

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