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Baby Soul and Umji's visuals

Pann: Ugly idols


1. [+191, -19] Honestly... Umji deserves criticisms. Her face aside, she's untalented

2. [+179, -11] Seriously... you can't shield Umji. Her singing is terrible ㅠㅠ And she's also ugly

3. [+168, -30] Soul's voice is a waste to be an idol. I thought she'd debut as solo but she only released a digital single. Soul will release a single album if Lovelyz does well, right? Soul and Jin are my favorite Lovelyz members. They're so good at singing. Soul's voice and singing are daebak, she's like Infinite Sunggyu. Jin brings good emotions. Cheering for Lovelyz!

4. [+45, -0] Baby Soul's visual is Mamamo style. She's not really ugly but she doesn't suit Lovelyz. She'd suit Mamamoo members ㅋㅋ She can also rap and sing

5. [+45, -3] I was waiting for Soul's debut, I was speechless to see people bashing her talent ㅋㅋ She got into her company by rapping and she can also sing. She's also cute ㅠㅠ Soul is a sunbae of a few Infinite members. She was a long-term trainee and hard-working ㅠㅠ


6. [+36, -7] Baby Soul is my bias in Lovelyz. Kawai...


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