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[Unpretty Rapstar] Jimin's 'Puss' lyrics

Pann: The meaning of Jimin's Puss lyrics

"bitch you a freaking puss puss, I'm the motherfuning top madam"


1. [+290, -30] How did she come up with the lyrics when she doesn't even know English that much?

2. [+284, -33] Jimin fangirls, do you really think Jimin writes her own lyrics? Then why do you think Iron has to teach her at recordings because she can't sing the lyrics? She couldn't even follow the beat when recording ㅋㅋ Shielding much?

3. [+281, -63] She's just unlikable. I hope she quits rapping because her nasal voice is really annoying

4. [+131, -3] I attended a school in the US so I understand Jessi's reaction. The lyrics mean "you guys are whores selling your bodies and I'm the one taking care of you." How can these lyrics fit the topic of "real me"? She's an idol who has no solution

5. [+114, -4] As someone who's been living in North America for 10 years with citizenship, I know that a pussy can mean a loser and a puss usually means bursting pimple. But it also means vagina. The dictionary meaning aside, in real life, people throw the word to mean vagina. Honestly, the way her face looked and how she stuck her butt towards Iron make it look like she meant it in that way. Iron's lyrics were also "she's a see-saw for me", what do you expect ㅋㅋ Iron stuck his tongue out between his index finger and middle finger and it also means licking a vagina. Cat, my ass. Stop shielding them... Look at these fans denying the reality

6. [+94, -7] I'm a guy but I really dislike Jimin. Are you gonna call me jealous? She can't rap and she thinks she's a top star. She should just walk like a cat or wear a miniskirt

7. [+94, -0] They showed footage of other rappers writing lyrics but for Jimin, they only showed her recording ㅋㅋ Jessi even recorded a hook part and sent it to Gray. Jimin stans said she doesn't have a rap teacher but she does

8. [+90, -1] Of course her company wrote the lyrics for her. How can she come up with the lyrics when she has no experience? She's not even talented, let's just leave her being desperate like that. She must be thinking we're bashing her because of jealousy... How pitiful

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