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The reasons why BTOB is not getting popular

Pann: The reasons why BTOB is not getting popular

1. During their debut days, their hiatuses were too long - average of 6-months hiatus

2. They don't have their own concept - the concept they're trying to pull recently is "playful boys"

3. They lack visually - visual is undeniably important for idols

4. They're talented but nobody knows - when people watch Mamamoo's stage, they can tell that Mamamoo is talented. But BTOB's stages (eg. Beep Beep) are not gonna show their talent

5. Their title tracks are poorly chosen

6. They're not issued when they go on variety shows - recently, they were on 20 shows on public broadcast stations (eg. Infinity Challenge, Happy Together, Running Man, Real Men, I Live Alone, etc) but they didn't get popular because they're not funny individually

7. The fandom doesn't know how to unite


1. [+86, -5] The public is only going to see their stages on music shows. What's the point of being talented when their title tracks can't show their talent? They're so boring when they go on variety shows individually... But they're funny when they're together

2. [+82, -7] This is legit, exactly what I wanted to say. No matter how talented they are, people are not gonna acknowledge them if they keep singing songs like, "don't cry~ ddui ddui bbang bbang~"

3. [+77, -45] There's always a reason for unpopular groups

4. [+38, -42] The biggest problem is the fans' arrogance in their talent

5. [+36, -0] I've been a fan of BTOB since debut, and this is completely accurate. It's my first time of reading such a perfect post, it makes me flustered ㅋㅋ But I hope people know that BTOB knows they lack performance-wise. They're trying to improve... And let me say this as a fan - the more you see their faces, the more you'll like them... They're not ugly. Kids, try getting popular by your talent. It's time to show it. Bring a good title track and show your talent, please

6. [+33, -0] Very straight-forward. I approve

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