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Seulgi is not suited to be the center of Red Velvet?

Pann: The reason why Red Velvet needs to change the center

(Pann says Seulgi's visual is a flaw to be the center)

1. [+268, -49] Fans and stans of Red Velvet will see her as charming but non-fans won't like her visual

2. [+225, -290] It's true that Seulgi is the worst center from all SM centers. If they wanted to pull a pretty concept, then they should put Irene in the center. If they wanted to pull a cute concept, then they should put Joy. If they wanted to pull a young concept, they should put Yeri. Seulgi as the center makes the overall visual bad and it's not really showing any concept

3. [+153, -443] Seulgi and Wendy are so ugly

4. [+111, -29] Am I the only one who likes Seulgi as the center? Visual aside, she has a new aura ㅋㅋ I find myself staring at her. And Seulgi is the stan attractor ㅋㅋ Stans of other members stan their biases loudly but Seulgi's stans quietly stan her for the longest. They're following Seulgi's personalities ㅋㅋ Whether Seulgi is the center or not, I love her <3


5. [+99, -8] She got a center role after training hard for 7 years. She must feel hurt...

6. [+97, -10] I think Seulgi suits the center role. Joy and Yeri are cute, Wendy and Irene are pretty. Seulgi's chic looks are suited for the center ㅋㅋ She suits Velvet concept. I just like Seulgi and her center role ㅠㅠ I love you Seulgi!

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