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Rainbow's new album 'Innocent'

Pann: Save this group


1. [+160, -13] But the song is really so-so... They chose a wrong song for title track

2. [+107, -7] I listened to their whole album and Mr. Lee and Pierrot are really good... Pierrot has pretty lyrics. They should choose one of these songs for late promotions!

3. [+98, -8] The MV was so amazing. Jaekyung looks so pretty. Honestly they didn't stand out before but they were so pretty in this. I hope Rainbow hits big <3

4. [+50, -17] The song is a total flop... How unfortunate

5. [+34, -14] You have to do the steaming for your own singers. If a group doesn't have a big fandom, then they'll disband and you can't do anything~ A group will gain many fans if they have popularity and the right charms

6. [+33, -7] The song is honestly bad

7. [+31, -1] At least some people know this group. There are a plenty of unknown singers out there

8. [+29, -7] You'll get addicted to the song after a while. Hug meeeee!

9. [+28, -3] I know I'll get hate for saying this but Black Swan is such a weird song...

10. [+24, -0] DSP needs to change themselves before changing the groups. Since Kara's Damaged Lady, they're choosing trashy songs for the title tracks. They would've been screwed already if Kara didn't earn money in Japan

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