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Five female idols that sing well

Pann: Top 5 female idols that sing well

EXID Solji

Sistar Hyorin

SNSD Taeyeon

Apink Eunji

2NE1 Park Bom


1. [+212, -19] Park Bom was the best during You & I. She was good when she sang You & I live with a guitar

2. [+171, -7] It would be daebak if all of them were in a same group

3. [+141, -12] They would shine more if they were soloists, not idols

4. [+99, -24] Park Bom should be included. Honestly, a voice like hers can't be found anywhere in Korea. Some people might not like her as a singer but she has some talent to back it up. You & I and Don't Cry were amazing

5. [+93, -26] Putting down Park Bom's singing is equivalent to putting down Berklee College of Music

6. [+83, -24] Park Bom is so underrated. She graduated Berklee College of Music and when she was a trainee, people even said that she sang better than Rihanna. It's true that she's controversial but you can't ignore her singing talent

7. [+75, -7] Park Bom is an unfortunate case. Her voice was my favorite among female idols ㅠㅠ

8. [+72, -11] You can't ignore Park Bom's singing. Her high notes are no joke, it's just that there isn't a song that she can prove it. Her drugs and plastic surgery are so unfortunate. She could've been a top 2NE1 member

9. [+55, -10] I personally like Taeyeon's voice. Her voice is comforting so it suits any song. She sounds amazing in ballad tracks and it suits OSTs. That's why she appeals to the public

10. [+49, -15] Eunji can sing with good fanservice

11. [+45, -4] Mamamoo's good, too

12. [+45, -106] Take Park Bom out

13. [+40, -73] Take Park Bom out... Her voice sounds scratched and she forces her voice. She's also short on breath so she sings live selectively. I don't think she can be included

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