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Attacker of US ambassador found to also have caused a disturbance during EXO's stage

Instiz: [Exclusive] Kim Ki Jong also found to have beaten up the workers during popular idols EXO's stage and had gotten investigated

Yesterday, Kim Ki Jong had attacked the US ambassador Mark Lippert and is currently getting investigated.

On January, EXO had a stage in front of Hyundai Mall. Kim Ki Jong had disturbed the traffic at the spot because "the surrounding was too noisy because of the stage". The event workers tried to stop him, and he pushed them back and tried to hit them back.

He was arrested by the police and got investigated at Seo Dae Moon Police Station. The reps said, "he always wears hanbok and shows weird behavior, like suddenly getting mad. He can't communicate with people and he seems to be mentally ill."


- I was there at that time and I saw an ajusshi who was shouting... Was it him?

- I got a heart attack because I saw EXO's name

- He's just a weird person

- He needs to be punished harsher

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