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Account of getting cast by SM

Pann: I got cast by SM on a street (picture of a name card)

I'm an ordinary female high school student. I like singing so I won a lot of awards at singing competitions. Objectively, I'm not extremely talented but I'm not bad at it. When my school goes on trips, I perform as my class's representative. I'm saying that I like singing and dancing in front of people.

I honestly wanted to become a singer so I told my parents about it. My mom cried and asked me why I had to choose this path. I felt so sorry so I gave up my dream and decided to become a policewoman. But I kept singing and dancing as a hobby.

There's a student community center near my school. There are clubs of band, dance, basketball and etc. There's also a karaoke machine. I go there sometimes to practice singing. Yesterday, I went there after school with unnies in dance club to practice singing. When I was done, someone approached me and told me to audition at their company.

Honestly, I got a several name cards before but they were all unknown or academies so I rejected all of them. So this time, I also said sorry and was gonna leave, but the person put their name card in my hand. I looked and saw it was SM... I was so confused... SM is like a dream company of trainees... I wished it was a fraud so I called them but it seems real... I really can't decide... I want to audition but I feel sorry for my parents...


1. [+181, -2] You should go for it, life depends on the timing ㅠㅠ You only live once, try it. Even if you don't get it, it'll still be a good experience. Hwaiting!!

2. [+148, -1] It's not like you're confirmed to be a trainee. I think it's OK to audition! You must be very talented to be cast like that. You should try to audition

3. [+105, -106] I think it's SM C&C, not SM Town. Infinite and Lovelyz are under it! Try auditioning

4. [+62, -0] It's not like you're a trainee right away. They're just asking you to audition. SHINee Jonghyun was also cast when he was performing in a band. He auditioned for 6 months to get into SM. I think it's OK to audition. The future of C&C is honestly not better than SM Town because it's actor and comedian-based. SM tries to promote C&C actors but they're not successful. It's not wrong to say Infinite and Lovelyz are under it because Woollim and C&C are labels. The person who gave you the name card might be from Woollim. Lovelyz is a rookie group but they're getting good attention and SM promotes C&C singers so it's still much better than small companies. Good luck

5. [+48, -0] That name card is SM Town ㅋㅋ I got the same name card and I thought it was C&C but it turned out to be SM Town!

6. [+46, -1] Changmin hyung became a TVXQ member after playing badminton

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