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[Abnormal Summit Ep.38] Discusses watching TV + guest Cho Young Nam

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Article: 'Abnormal Summit' Jun Hyun Moo self-disses, "because I'm ugly"

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+1639, -158] Jun Hyun Moo is actually not ugly, though. His facial features are big, he's smart with amazing specs, and he's humorous ㅋㅋ He's charming

2. [+1610, -239] Honestly, the real ugly guy is Sung Si Kyung

3. [+1289, -166] His head is big and ugly if it's compared to other celebrities, but he's considered handsome if compared to non-celebrities

4. [+1152, -86] He's not ugly

5. [+849, -67] Honestly, it's hard to find an ajusshi who looks like Jun Hyun Moo. His visual doesn't make people go "oppa!" but his facial features are handsome

6. [+484, -65] Does Sung Si Kyung really think he's handsome? ㅋㅋ

7. [+397, -56] Sung Si Kyung is the ugliest on Abnormal Summit. Jun Hyun Moo's facial features are bigger and much better than Sung Si Kyung's. Sung Si Kyung is all about his height, glasses, and hair

8. [+289, -34] Sung Si Kyung is late for an hour to every show except radio. Jang Dong Min talked about how the staff and casts have to wait for Sung Si Kyung all the time. I also find it annoying how Sung Si Kyung disses others. I've liked his songs but I never liked his personalities

9. [+243, -22] I've been a fan of this show since ep.1 but I had to change the channel because of Cho Young Nam. I really don't want to see him. And what's with the topic of the discussion? This has nothing to do with foreigners. They should choose a topic that could discuss cultural differences. It's not gonna bring opinions of China or USA, it's gonna bring opinions of Zhang Yuan and Tyler. Watching TV too much is obviously abnormal, isn't it? I liked topics like cohabitation and marriage. This topic is just... The staff is lacking

10. [+249, -28] I like Jun Hyun Moo because he doesn't hide his materialistic personalities! It makes me want to watch him more


Article: [Yesterday TV] So is 'Abnormal Summit' a watchable TV show?

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+1623, -51] It's watchable for me

2. [+1370, -44] It's watchable and funny

3. [+1191, -60] What do you mean by "sexual jokes"? The nipple angel? Are you Zhang Yuan, journalist?


기사 이미지

Article: 'Abnormal Summit' Cho Young Nam is Ricky Martin? "I'm worst-looking in Korea" self-diss

Source: TV Report via Nate

1. [+397, -11] Three celebrities who don't act like their age: Shin Sung Il, Cho Young Nam, Tae Jin Ah

2. [+336, -70] Looking at Cho Young Nam, Alberto, and Daniel today, I couldn't help but notice the difference between Korean men and Western men... I thought that just because I'm a Korean woman, it doesn't mean that I have to marry a Korean guy... Especially in this era where so many losers are around

3. [+292, -14] He did such unimaginable things to his ex-wife and now he's apologizing when his wife doesn't even want to be mentioned. When people bring this up, he uses the excuse of immaturity

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