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20 biggest lies of Koreans

Pann: Best 20 lies of Koreans

20) Grandma who was given a seat in public transit: "Aigo... I'm OK..."

19) Police: "We will change"

18) Reserve training: "You'll be discharged earlier if you participate hard"

17) Food delivery: "We're on the way"

16) Phone store: "The cheapest store in the country"

15) Old single woman: "I'll live as single forever"

14) Student: "I didn't study at all"

13) Nurse: "This needle won't hurt"

12) Girls: "Omo, how did you get so much prettier?"

11) Academy ad: "Everybody is guaranteed to get a job. The highest employment rate in the country!"

10) Plane pilot: "Dear passengers, we have a very small problem"

9) Celebrity: "He/she is no more than a friend"

8) School principle: "One last thing I'm going to say..."

7) Friend: "You're the only one that I'm going to tell you this..."

6) Seller: "I won't get any benefit by selling this"

5) Condo ad: "5 minutes away from the subway station"

4) Accepted to university at top rank: "All I did was focus in classes"

3) Member of National Assembly: "I'll work hard if you vote for me"

2) Politician: "I didn't get any money for this"

1) President nominee: "I'll work for the citizens"


1. [+256, -8] North Korea: "I'll fire a missile"

2. [+205, -21] Mom: "I'll keep your new year allowance"

3. [+27, -1] "Let's have a meal sometime"

4. [+22, -0] Friend: "I won't tell this to anyone!"

5. [+18, -0] Woman's Department: "We're here for women"

6. [+18, -0] Plastic monster: "I only got my eyes done"

7. [+14, -0] IU: "I like quiet guys"

8. [+12, -0] Mom: "I'll buy it next time"

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