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Which idol groups do you think will last long?

Pann: Which idol groups do you think will last long?

1. [+332, -110] Shibeain + B1A4

2. [+296, -10] Shibeain

3. [+276, -96] Shibeain <3

4. [+140, -38] Beast. Idols chose the groups that will last long after Shinhwa, and Beast won #1. Their reason was "because they're all the same age except one member" ㅋㅋ

5. [+134, -164] People are talking as if Shibeain is a legend... SHINee, Beast, Infinite are all likable but it's getting annoying

6. [+126, -16] I was wondering what Shibeain was, apparently it's SHINee, Beast, and Infinite ㅋㅋ I really think these three groups will last long though!

7. [+111, -25] Shibeain is like a definition ㅋㅋ Shibeain is always mentioned in posts like this. These three groups are always approved by other fandoms, the members get along, and they're very well-mannered. They have to last long. They debuted more than 5 years ago but they still didn't have a major scandal ㅋㅋ Groups like these aren't common

8. [+109, -12] Beast, SHINee, and Infinite all have leaders who do their job. They know what they should do and act like the leader. It's true that a leader has to be stable in order to make the whole group stable

9. [+94, -11] SHINee, Beast, Infinite ㅋㅋ I think these groups will last long. They don't have trouble and they take care of each other

10. [+82, -8] Shibeain and BTOB. No need further explanations for SHINee and Beast. Their teamwork is daebak. I also think BTOB will last long because the members have a bond and they take care of each other well. They're close so they get along and show their psycho personalities ㅋㅋ

11. [+76, -19] Definitely not EXO

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