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Female idols that have a lot of female stans and male stans

Pann: Female idols that have a lot of female stans and male stans









1. [+132, -62] Honestly, Taeyeon's fandom is outstanding. When Taeyeon used to be the top idol, her own fansite had 200,000 members. But the stupid manager sold it just for the money... Her fandom is still strong after her dating scandal because she still has a lot of fangirls that are staying with her since debut. Her career is almost 10 years so the fans don't really get affected ㅋㅋ Taeyeon hwaiting! People criticize you but we know that you're a good person. SNSD forever <3


2. [+117, -36] Honestly, Taeyeon had so many stans. Her popularity is now decreased but she still has a ton of fans. When she was at her peak, she had the most fans of all the female/male idols

3. [+66, -22] Choa is still a rising idol and Krystal gets extremely mixed opinions. And I'm not too sure with Kyungri and Minah, they only seem to have fangirls

4. [+55, -13] Taeyeon was the best. Her own fansite had more than 100,000 members

5. [+45, -20] There isn't any female idol that has more fans than Taeyeon

6. [+44, -11] SNSD and f(x) have the most female fans! They really have a lot of female fans, more than half of them are fangirls

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