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Talented idol rappers

Pann: Which idols do you think are good at rapping?
1. [+221, -31] I really pity Zico, he's always underrated. People think he's a rapper who's only good at producing but he's also talented in rapping. There's a reason why people call him a wall. He's experienced and talented. Zico, GD, Mino, Rapmon, Bobby, and maybe TOP, BI, Junhyung, and etc
2. [+169, -27] BTOB Ilhoon, Minhyuk, BTS Suga, Block B Park Kyung, Winner Mino
3. [+148, -73] Bobby
4. [+77, -2] Aren't Zico, Mino, Bobby, Rapmon and GD the top 5?
5. [+66, -4] Mino, Bobby, Junhyung, Baro, Rap Monster, Suga, Park Kyung, GD, Ilhoon
6. [+52, -16] Mino. He's still a rookie so he's not well-known but he's really good. I personally think he's at Zico's level
7. [+50, -3] GD, Yongguk, Rapmon, PO, Park Kyung, Bobby, Junhyung

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