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Talented groups

Pann: Talented groups

1. [+468, -67] Bigbang, B2ST, 2NE1, TVXQ, Block B, SHINee, Mamamoo, BTOB, Winner

2. [+302, -119] Winner, Infinite, Mamamoo, Bigbang, and lots! Block B, too <3

3. [+253, -311] SHINee, Bigbang, Winner, B2ST, Infinite, EXO

4. [+176, -10] Fuck ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's my first time of hearing EXO as a talented group ㅋㅋㅋㅋ How random

5. [+170, -6] TVXQ, Bigbang, and SHINee are the most talented groups. Decent groups are B2ST, BTOB, Winner, Block B, and maybe Infinite. I'm only talking about boy groups

6. [+147, -105] Is Infinite considered a talented group? It's my first time of hearing this. I think they're considered talented only on Pann ㅋㅋ Other sites never call them a talented group. Sunggyu, Woohyun, and who else?

7. [+118, -16] Bigbang, SHINee, TVXQ, Block B, Winner, B2ST, Mamamoo, 2NE1

8. [+93, -12] Bigbang, Infinite, B2ST, Block B, Spica, CNBLUE, Mamamoo, BTOB, Winner

9. [+90, -82] Why Infinite ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+84, -8] EXO is not at the level of other mentioned groups, almost made me laugh when I saw their name ㅋㅋㅋ Out of the ten members, only 2~3 members can sing. Kai can get a pass for his dancing. But still, the rest of the members are not talented, how can they be called a talented group? Until recent, they still lip-synced their title tracks. Do you think they can be included just because they have many fans that fangirl for the looks? ㅋㅋ Performance group, my ass. They're just kids that showcase the choreography made by other choreographers. Their performances can easily be exceeded by JYP acrobatic idols ㅋㅋ SHINee is much better even though they're the same SM line

11. [+75, -10] Bigbang, TVXQ, SHINee, Winner, 2NE1, B2ST, Mamamoo, Spica

12. [+67, -4] Spica is talented even though they're not popular

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