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Siwan vs DO

Pann: Siwan vs DO, who's handsomer?


1. [+316, -31] Of course it's Siwan. When his popularity was hitting the bottom, he changed his life with his visual in his first drama. Just watch Misaeng, anyone would say that his visual is freaking awesome

2. [+267, -50] Siwan. And what's wrong with comparing male idols when we always compare female idols? Such double standards

3. [+210, -30] What's with these comparing posts recently?

4. [+101, -25] From men's perspective: Siwan > wall > infinite wall > new wall > dog wall > long wall > stone wall > perfect wall > endless wall > rock wall > DO

5. [+83, -7] His visual class is that he swept the Internet after his first drama and got his name known


6. [+67, -8] He's the handsomest idol in my opinions


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