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Chen vs Taehyun

Pann: Chen vs Taehyun, who sings better?

1. [+740, -271] Chen definitely wins ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+684, -212] SM's main vocalists are legendary

3. [+643, -109] Why are EXO members always included in comparing posts? Poor EXO, they're dragged everywhere

4. [+250, -5] Why do you keep comparing EXO to other idols? Fuck you


5. [+229, -30] But... I feel sad... Taehyun doesn't deserve criticisms... As a fan, I think Taehyun can sing well... But people say "Chen beats Taehyun for sure" ㅠㅠ And don't touch EXO, it makes kind EXO-Ls go mad

6. [+207, -4] Sehun vs Jinwoo, Yoseob vs Xiumin, and now this? Don't try too hard

7. [+164, -46] Chen is better... I'm a fan of Winner but Taehyun is unstable sometimes... I think Chen is definitely better

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