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Pros and cons of groups with strong fandoms

Pann: Groups with strong fandoms, the pros/cons, and the fandom characteristics
Pros - Long-run group, talented
Cons - Fandom split when JYJ split
Fandom - The fandom seems to be not united, but when TVXQ is mentioned, they suddenly show up. There's a saying, "if every TVXQ fan on the Earth jumps, the Earth will shake"
Super Junior
Pros - Long-run group, high album sales
Cons - They keep adding new members and it's confusing (when people think it's a new SM artist, he turns out to be in SJ-M)
Fandom - Not sure
Pros - Public recognition, talented
Cons - Too many scandals caused by the members
Fandom - They never voted for small votings but was #1 on MAMA in 2006~2014, the fans have strong mentality
Pros - Good live, talented
Cons - Bad rapping
Fandom- Kind enough to be called "Angel Shawols", but they completely change if you bash SHINee, they have power when it comes to voting
Pros - Talented, public recognition
Cons - The members' public recognition differ too much
Fandom - Once they burst, they're unable to stop, they're well-united
Pros - Live singers, matching choreo
Cons - Some bad vocalists
Fandom - Well-united
Pros - Good dancers, high album sales
Cons - Only a few good vocalists, bad rapping
Fandom - Lots of internal conflicts, but unites when other fandom bashes them, strong mentality
1. [+160, -230] Also add that EXO's fandom is evil and busy bashing other fandoms
2. [+147, -36] I personally think Beast members have decent individual promotions with good results so I think it's not very true~ Beast hwaiting
3. [+116, -31] Thank you for saying that Shawols have power~ And..yes... we can't rap ㅠㅠ Minho is now a vocalist so there's no more rapping in SHINee anymore. So we're a complete vocal team now ㅋㅋ Please like SHINee, everyone! "Fire charisma Minho~" Shawols take it as a joke now ^^
4. [+69, -10] Strong mentality for EXO-L, of course

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