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Lovelyz vs GFriend

Pann: Lovelyz and GFriend
1. [+209, -8] I saw GFriend performing on a music show and their song sounded like Into The New World and their kicking dance was also in Into The New World. I was surprised because their media-play was so excessive
2. [+197, -41] I'm not a fan of Lovelyz but their levels are too different. GFriend plagiarized Into The New World and Apink. Their image is really tarnished, I don't like them. Lovelyz wins
3. [+181, -223] Mamamoo > Lovelyz = Red Velvet > Sonamoo > GFriend
4. [+67, -1] Listen to Jin's solo and find Lovelyz talent ㅋㅋ She released an album before debuting in Lovelyz. Baby Soul and Jiae were also talented enough to release solo songs before debut
5. [+63, -1] GFriend looks so plastic... I was surprised when I was watching them on TV ㅋㅋ They don't even have a pretty member... They're either ugly or look plastic. And their song is too similar to Into The New World. How can they plagiarize so obviously ㅋㅋ Can't they able to tell the similarity?
6. [+60, -1] I'm not a fan of either but I realized why Lovelyz is called pretty after watching GFriend in a similar school uniform concept
7. [+53, -2] I don't want to compare... Lovelyz is precious
8. [+49, -49] I personally think they both look like Japanese idols
9. [+47, -1] Is GFriend the famous group that sings Into Candy Jelly Luv?
10. [+40, -0] I'm a Red Velvet fan and had no interest in Lovelyz. But I was so surprised when watching GFriend's stage ㅋㅋ The ugliest member was the worst singer ㅋㅋ Lovelyz is prettier and more talented than the plagiarizing-dols

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