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Legendary albums of idols chosen by experts

Pann: Legendary albums of idols chosen by experts
HOT = Taeyang (2008)
Electric Shock - f(x) (2012)
The Misconceptions of Us - SHINee (2013)
1st Mini Album - 2NE1 (2009)
Over The Top - Infinite (2011)
One of a Kind - G-Dragon (2012)
Girls' Generation - Girls' Generation (2007)
Wonder World - Wonder Girls (2011)
Sound G - Brown Eyed Girls (2009)
Solar - Taeyang (2010)
Pink Tape - f(x) (2013)
2009 Year of Us - SHINee (2009)
1. [+275, -151] Sunggyu's solo album Another Me. It's not well-known but it's a really good album. It was released in 2012 but it's still in 100 Gaon Chart and the songs are daebak quality. Sunggyu worked with Nell, whom he respected. The songs are amazing
2. [+199, -63] I knew Over The Top would be there... The reason why I have to love Woollim is because of the album... Of course, each Infinite song is very high quality
3. [+195, -28] Bigbang's Alive album is jjang...
4. [+133, -86] Pann is full of Inspirits these days. They always dominate the top comments
5. [+78, -6] Honestly, Taeyang's albums are all legendary. It's not like he's poorly copying black music. He himself has black soul so he has a big mania fandom with public recognition. I still listen to Wedding Dress and Only Look At Me

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