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Dispatch's photo shoot of TVXQ

Pann: Dispatch's idol photo shoot
These pictures weren't an actual photo shoot, they were paparazzi shots, but they turned out to look like a photo shoot
1. [+144, -19] I think the foreigners will mistake and think they're gay
- [+42, -0] It's 100% that foreigners will think they're gay
- [+66, -1] Already suspicious
- [+4, -0] I also thought the same thing. In Korea, their fashion is viewed as cool, but to foreigners, they think someone is gay if they're wearing white pants and over-fashionable items. Foreigners have the stereotype
2. [+135, -3] It wasn't intended... They were just standing as usual. Their average height is 183
3. [+106, -3] They're originally handsome
4. [+37, -0] So handsome ㅠㅠㅠㅠ They're tall but they have such small heads... Their proportions are interesting ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Always cheering for you, Yunho and Changmin ♡
5. [+29, -0] Years ago, paparazzi followed TVXQ to Japanese promotions. But the members only hung out with themselves and there wasn't any woman spotted so they released an article of the members eating at a ramen restaurant ㅋㅋ Yunho and Changmin have no controversies to be found ㅋㅋ Only their good stories surface

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