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Inspirits claim that EXO-L copied bus ad + Inspirits get backfired

Pann: A birthday ad which is very controversial right now
Inspirits' tweets criticize how Xiumin bus is copied from Woohyun bus
Baekhyun bus (a year ago) and Woohyun bus
Woohyun bus
Xiumin bus
1. [+247, -16] So basically, Woohyun fans claimed that Xiumin bus was similar to Woohyun bus. But Woohyun bus turned out to be more similar to Baekhyun bus which came out a year ago. So Woohyun fans are shutting up now
2. [+204, -15] Some people can't read. Firstly, Woohyun fans complained that Xiumin bus was copied from Woohyun bus design. Now who's the one that bullshitted about copying? Is it their first time of running a bus ad or what? Tsk tsk
3. [+175, -30] Why do I find it so funny that Inspirits are going insane? ㅋㅋ They're the ones that started it, I'm so dumbfounded ㅋㅋ
4. [+73, -1] Look what they said ㅋㅋㅋㅋ How hurtful
Inspirit: "Doesn't this group have anything else to report besides withdrawals and dating rumors? Copying fanfics, copying anecdotes, and even copying events ㅋㅋㅋ How pitiful"
5. [+71, -6] Inspirits are giving me goosebumps. If EXO fans did this, they would be like, "look at the class of EXO-roaches, tsk tsk." EXO gets hate for every little detail and think of how you guys generalized EXO fans. Double standards much?
6. [+67, -6] They even targeted Baekhyun union ㅋㅋ Go and read the clarifications from Baekhyun union. I felt so fresh after reading it. If you nitpick everything like this, then there can be no more birthday ads. Why would we copy your stuff anyways? And stop saying EXO-roaches, this is Inspirits' fault. We're the victims, why are you bashing us when they're at fault?
7. [+65, -10] Look at those rude Inspirit-roaches. They're so pathetic, all they can do is to downvote the comments here
8. [+40, -3] If EXO-L did this, people would say, "look at the class of EXO-roaches"

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