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EXO's brand power

Pann: When EXO is a CF model

When other celebrities are models: 

"This clothing is worn by Suzy, how do you like it? ^^ Try it on, it's pretty, right? ^^"
"Lipstick worn by Sohee ^^ The color is pretty, right? Wanna try it on? ^^"

When EXO is the model:

"Everybody screw off!!!!! We've cast EXO!!!!!! Our model is EXO!!!!!! Look!!!! It's EXO!!!!! Look here!!!!!! It's freaking EXO!!!!! We'll give you the product if you buy an EXO picture!!!!"

And the store branch is spammed with EXO pictures surrounding the walls


1. [+178, -8] Honestly, they have to do it, though ㅋㅋ The profit increases by 120% if EXO uses the product

2. [+169, -2] Please get a chicken CF


3. [+148, -3] Fucking Nature, fuck fuck fuck. It's like buying the photo card and getting hand cream and lip balm as extra

4. [+67, -1] I'm non-fan but I agree ㅋㅋ Whenever I pass by Baskin Robbins, the shop is spammed with EXO posters ㅋㅋ I thought the fans would get a heart attack by that

5. [+62, -2] Honestly, when they use a lip balm at an airport, the lip balm company's profits increase crazily, even if they're not the model or anything ㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+60, -0] Even bread ㅋㅋ I still can't forget the mocha bread war

7. [+53, -1] I went to Myungdong and fucking Nature was like, "EXO!!!! You'll get a picture of EXO!!!! EXO!!!! Don't need anything else!!!! It's EXO!!!!" But I was pathetic enough to be dragged by that

8. [+50, -0] Yixing brought a sheep doll to an airport and it was sold out right away ㅋㅋ And the doll company even mentioned Lay ㅋㅋ

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