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Naeun gets Chanel product from her fan

Pann: Naeun Chanel

Naeun fan's tweet about how she gave Naeun a limited edition of Chanel clutch bag

Naeun with the Chanel bag


1. [+127, -3] I really envy celebrities... The fans are even more delighted when celebrities use the gifts ㅋㅋ

2. [+94, -72] She's lucky. She's not talented in anything and yet she's earning money and getting brand gifts for her face alone

3. [+93, -4] I'm more surprised that an individual fan gave her

4. [+73, -15] The white shirt Naeun is wearing is also from the same fan ㅋㅋ It's good to see Naeun using the gifts


5. [+44, -1] The fan also gave a Chanel mirror and a pouch... It's amazing how all these are from an individual fan


6. [+39, -10] Woah... I envy her face more then her gifts

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