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Enes Kaya re-starts Instagram with his Korean nickname

Article: Enes Kaya's whereabouts... still using the nickname "Kwak Mak Hee" his Korean fans gave him
Source: Kuki News
1. [+412, -7] We nicknamed you "Kwan Mak Hee" because we thought you're a very conservative person but you're way too open ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
2. [+251, -7] Don't use it. He must be crazy. Italian-mixed Enes Kaya-ssi, you're not that amazing to be posting your whereabouts. He did numerous broadcast promotions and tons of CFs but still claimed to be a non-celebrity
3. [+200, -13] Turkish virgin-banger Enes Kaya
4. [+21, -6] Seems he saw Korean celebrities committing crimes and promoting after a short hiatus... Don't even think of coming out again
5. [+20, -2] Turkey Lee Santa
6. [+16, -2] We don't want to know. I wonder why his face has to be posted in an article. What is he trying to pull? Did he pay Kuki to write this article?
7. [+13, -6] Just screw off
8. [+12, -2] Surely, people around him would've said, "Koreans are short-tempered. Once the controversy dies, everything will be back to normal." Did he think the time will make people sympathetic for him? It's true that Koreans are only mad for a short time, but he doesn't realize that we never forgive the ones who don't deserve to be forgiven. This guy takes Koreans as a joke for sure

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