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Ariana Grande & IU as 'nation's little sisters'

Pann: Billboard nation's little sister, America's IU
1. [+59, -60] Her face is muuuch prettier than IU
2. [+43, -28] She's my favorite singer... I'm determined to see her in real life before I die!! She sings so well and she's so cute... You'll be speechless if you watch her singing Mariah Carey's Emotions. Her singing is much better than IU
3. [+36, -1] Some people are saying that she looks like Disney Ariel. That was actually her nickname when she had red hair ㅋㅋ
4. [+19, -2] IU is mentioned in the post because IU has a little sister image, which is comparable to Ariana. Why are the best replies bashing IU? The point of this post is that Ariana is pretty and a good singer. No need to bash IU
5. [+17, -8] Her class is different from IU
6. [+16, -1] Am I the only one that thinks she looks like Ariel? She's pretty

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