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Abnormal Summit featured in German newspaper

Article: "It's global now" 'Abnormal Summit gets featured in German newspaper
Source: Dispatch via Naver
1. [+5835, -47] Gerniel~~ Please keep your modesty like now~
2. [+4173, -53] News becoming news... Anyways, I like Abnormal Summit ♥
3. [+3941, -182] Of course JTBC!! What the hell are the broadcast stations doing? Cable channels are a trend nowadays!!
4. [+3654, -47] Gerniel is love ♥
5. [+2552, -42] Oh~~ I hope it succeeds more ♥ ♥
6. [+459, -5] Gerniel looks so kind! Abnormal Summit hwaiting!
7. [+454, -1] It's amazing how Germans reflect on their past. Respect. Gerniel hwaiting...
8. [+457, -7] They had a lot of scandals but a TV show like this is necessary in this generation
9. [+459, -7] It's not too variety-like, it's not too serious, the balance is perfect. It's fun and the panelists talk well!

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