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Eight arrogant fandoms

(In this context, 'being too proud' is equivalent to 'being arrogant')

Pann: Fandoms that are acting too proud of their singers

1. TVXQ fans
2. JYJ fans
3. Block B fans
4. Bigbang fans
5. Suzy fans
6. EXO fans
7. Apink fans
8. IU fans


1. [+557, -164] Honestly, I don't think TVXQ, JYJ, and Bigbang fans are that arrogant ㅋㅋ And they deserve to be proud, though. Their class and career are just at a different level. I've also never seen Block B fans being too proud of Block B. I think Suzy fans and EXO fans are worse

2. [+376, -140] SM fans. They're really proud of SM

3. [+267, -98] I think SM fans, Suzy fans, and Apink fans are the worst. SM fans are arrogant with their fandom size, Suzy fans are arrogant with Suzy's looks, and Apink fans are arrogant with their innocent concept. You're allowed to be proud if your singer is like Cho Yong Pil or SES... Wake up, kids

4. [+118, -8] I think TVXQ, JYJ, and Bigbang fans are allowed to be proud. And I've never seen those fandoms acting arrogant

5. [+108, -27] EXO fans bash other fandoms with nonsense. Suzy fans think Suzy is the greatest celebrity. Apink fans are too proud of Apink's innocent concept

6. [+106, -35] EXO-roaches are the worst

7. [+96, -1] Since when did TVXQ, JYJ, and Bigbang fans act arrogant while bashing other singers?

8. [+91, -33] I really agree with Suzy fans ㅋㅋ They think she's a talented actress with an amazing career and worldwide goddess looks

9. [+90, -8] I think TVXQ and Bigbang fans have the right to be proud. Just look at the singers' class, the fans will be proud, of course

10. [+88, -27] EXO-Ls are acting so proud ㅋㅋ They show off the number of the awards EXO got in three years, but DB5K and Bigbang got as much awards as them. But they think EXO is the only one ㅋㅋㅋ

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