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Criticisms on Abnormal Summit's hidden cameras

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Article: 'Abnormal Summit' Hidden cameras, the reason why it was bitter than touching
Source: Mediaus via Nate
1) In Daniel's hidden camera, Zhang Yuan, Yoo Se Yoon, and Guillaume were asked to hide that Daniel is actually Austrian. When Sung Si Kyung forced the members to speak about Daniel, the members stepped up and lied that he's from German for sure. It raises a question if the members were right to lie instead of being honest. It also suggests that the members might've been aware of Enes before, but they were hiding it until it become controversial on the Internet.
2) In Julian's hidden camera, Zhang Yuan, Alberto, and Jun Hyun Moo were asked to lend money to Julian, and all of them did it for him. But what if one of them refused to lend money? Would they be portrayed as "unfriendly"?
1. [+934, -114] Don't you get tired if your perspective is narrow like this?
2. [+872, -102] Am I the only one who was touched?
3. [+518, -62] It was touching because it was a good ending... The article is actually right. Hidden camera is very risky. They can't show their broadcast personalities so it can be critical to their image
4. [+41, -27] Why are you viewing a variety show as a documentary? Can't you watch with a light mind?
5. [+37, -27] Just because you find it uncomfortable, it doesn't mean that others will also find it uncomfortable. Write an article from an objective point of view
6. [+30, -17] I didn't find it uncomfortable and it was touching
7. [+29, -5] I also wondered if lending money was actually a way to prove friendship. Honestly, the members deserve praises to lend money to their friend. But I don't see the point of this hidden camera. Can friendship really be tested by money? If one of them refused to lend money, then he would've been taken as a joke and gets his image damaged. Did the staff want to tell that a true friendship requires lying and lending money?
8. [+27, -19] Ah this article is spot on. Yesterday's hidden camera was very uncomfortable. It also loosened the atmosphere

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