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2012 blind items

Blind items in 2012. I'm only posting well-known celebrities

- T-ara is lately controversial because of Hwayoung's bullying scandal. Apparently, this has been happening all the time. Before debut, they took turns and changed bullying targets. The first target was Soyeon. When Soyeon's mother found out, she summoned the members and slapped all of them. The targets kept changing, and Hwayoung happened to be the discovered one.

- Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung are dating. They've been together for quite a while. Lee Byung Hun is dying to marry her because he had enough relationships and Lee Min Jung's family is amazingly well-off. He's all-in to her because she's young and got everything. Lee Min Jung, however, is not really thinking of marriage yet.

- Go Young Wook is mentally crazy. He finds young girls sexually attractive. Whether the girl is disabled or ugly, he's willing to sleep with her as long as she's a teenager. People around him have already said that he's a pedophile.

- When GD's marijuana scandal broke out, it was actually Sandara and Park Bom that were caught. YG people in general are heavily using drugs, including Yang Hyun Suk. Everybody in the company does drugs. The source of the drugs is Sandara and Park Bom. They usually hang out at clubs. They were openly doing drugs so they were reported. They media-played it with GD instead because GD already had a lot of scandals so this was going to be forgotten sooner. And when Daesung got into a car accident, they told the victim's reps that they'll give a settlement they wished. The victim's reps said 100 million won. YG acted dirty and put it down to 70 million won. The victim's reps agreed with it, but YG only gave them 20 million won. They're now threatening the victim's reps that they'll give the rest of the settlement if they stay quiet.

- SM has a hard time controlling SNSD. They're too popular so they don't listen to their manager. They're very ignorant and not mannered so they're unstoppable. They're better when they're together but they're not individually talented so they don't do well in dramas and MCs. SM is trying to give MC spots to them by suggesting at a really cheap cost, but most TV shows still reject them. Even on variety shows, the casts freak out when they hear that SNSD will be the guest. Idols, comedians, and male celebrities are all not too fond of SNSD.

- Jung Hyung Don's wife Han Yoo Ra was dating a PD for a long time. The PD had taken care of Han Yoo Ra's work since she was a rookie writer. Jung Hyung Don knew she had a boyfriend but still hit on her because she was pretty. She was confused, and he gave his BMW car as a gift. Because of that, she decided to be a two-timer and dated both. The PD later heard about it from a broadcast staff and broke up with her.


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