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Chanyeol and Junggigo's Lovestagram

Pann: An idol's Lovestagram that gave fans a menboong (for real)

Chanyeol and Junggigo posted similar pictures on Instagram and liked each other's photo


1. [+107, -3] As long as you're happy, Chanyeol-ah...

2. [+105, -2] Junggigo's some is Chanyeol, not Soyu?!

3. [+88, -5] This is crazy, it's so obvious

4. [+33, -0] What about Soyu, Junggigo-ssi

5. [+28, -3] EXO-Ls are so cute ㅋㅋㅋㅋ They're acting serious so it looks real ㅋㅋ

6. [+24, -0] Today, I'm finally letting you go... Have a happy love... I loved you..

7. [+22, -1] Woah, it's obvious. How can they openly do it like that... Way to backstab

8. [+21, -0] You seem like mine but you don't seem like mine but you seem like mine...?

9. [+17, -0] It's only a joke ㅋㅋ Happy new year~

10. [+14, -14] Plot twist: what if Chanyeol is actually gay?

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