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Yoona picks up a fan letter dropped by a fan

Pann: Yoona picks up fan letter dropped by a fan

A fan accidentally dropped her fan letter, and she picked it up


1. [+120, -12] Look how kind she is ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ My girl is amazing


2. [+119, -12] She's pretty and she's also kind

3. [+103, -15] Woah... Yoona is so kind

4. [+55, -60] Everybody knows Yoona is kind but... do you expect her to ignore the letter in the situation when the fans are watching her?

5. [+51, -7] Why is someone saying that Yoona is copying Naeun? Naeun is the one copying Yoona, starting from the dress. And what do you mean Junhyung is copying GD? Do you think someone is copying GD if they're good at composing?

6. [+48, -9] I watched this stage in awe


7. [+39, -30] Meanwhile, Taeyeon threw her fan letter away... Joonwoo's hurt...


8. [+38, -9] She's the best female idol in terms of looks and personalities

9. [+37, -8] She has a beautiful heart with a pretty face. She's still modest, too. I'm in other fandom but I hope SNSD does well next year

10. [+29, -7] So pretty


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