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Visuals of SM & YG

Pann: The class of Big 2 visuals

Bigbang TOP

TVXQ Changmin

Super Junior Siwon

SHINee Minho

Winner Jinwoo

EXO Sehun

iKON Junhoe

SNSD Yoona

2NE1 Sandara

Red Velvet Irene

F(x) Sulli

YG's new girl group Jisoo


1. [+187, -65] I agree with all of them except iKON Jonhoe. He's not really a visual, he looks like Seulong + Jinwoon

2. [+160, -195] Honestly, I'm not a fan of YG but after seeing TOP, the others below look so average... Just like someone said, TOP looks 4D whereas others look 2D

3. [+159, -62] Chanyeol-ah ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ


4. [+94, -68] The class of the highest class


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