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Behind story of Lee Jung Hyun's Crazy MV

Pann: A shocking behind story of Lee Jung Hyun's Crazy

'Crazy' is one of Lee Jung Hyun's hit songs

The music video of Crazy starts with a scene of her crying

Suddenly, the music gets powerful

A man approaches and gives her a necklace, showing that they're lovers. 
However, she doesn't look happy.

Apparently, she saw him kissing another man

She returns the necklace, but he coldly walks away

The music video ends with her devastated feelings


She revealed that the music video was a true story of her first love. She saw her boyfriend, who was bisexual, kissing his male sunbae.


1. [+134, -1] My god, it was her first love... She would've been less shocked if it wasn't her first love...

2. [+113, -2] Getting your boyfriend taken by another woman already hurts your pride a lot. But it was even a guy ㅠㅠ Her pride must've gotten very hurt. The pain, too ㅠㅠ

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