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Pretty eyes vs pretty nose

Pann: Pretty eyes vs pretty nose

1. [+254, -57] Eyes are the first thing that people notice. Isn't it better to have pretty eyes? I have a weird nose but I have pretty eyes, so I get called pretty a lot

2. [+252, -166] Having a pretty nose is better. Nose is the center of the face. No matter how pretty your eyes are, the balance depends on the nose. That's why you should be very considerate if getting a nose job. Your face is ruined if your nose has a wrong length or a wrong size. Your eyes can get pretty by fat removal and double eyelid surgery, but for the nose.... it's important

3. [+137, -7] I have fine eyes but my nose is the flaw. I'm so sad ㅠㅠ My nose is invisible in my side profile ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+102, -11] ..

5. [+63, -2] I think it's important for men to have a good nose, seriously... And a woman looks pretty if she has pretty eyes, even if her nose is ugly

6. [+58, -15] I think the nose should be pretty. Eye makeup is amazing so you can make your eyes bigger by double eyelid tape, shadow, and etc. But for the nose, it should be a little tall and pretty to wear makeup comfortably

7. [+57, -1] Nose for men and eyes for women

8. [+41, -3] It's common to find someone with pretty eyes, but it's not common to find a pretty nose

9. [+40, -3] I think having a pretty nose will balance your face and make your face look smaller. You can wear eye makeup or false eyelashes to cover up

10. [+38, -3] Pretty girls have pretty eyes... Some don't, though

11. [+34, -1] Eyes! Hyeri and Park Shin Hye have a so-so nose but they're pretty because they have pretty eyes

12. [+30, -2] Pretty nose for me. I've seen someone who had pretty eyes and an ugly nose and...um... You should have a pretty nose to have an aura

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