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Malaysian media reports that B1A4 sexually harassed a fan

Pann: [Exclusive] B1A4, a controversy of 'sexual harassment' in Malaysia

Malay Mail reported that "K-pop stars have sexually harassed a girl during a concert" and included a screencap of B1A4's mini concert held in Malaysia on the 11th.

According to the reports, B1A4 held an event with a few selected fans, and there was a fanservice which the members kissed a fan on the forehead.

But some people in Malaysia are claiming that B1A4 sexually harassed the girl and are also criticizing her.


- What? Are they being jealous?

- ...??? So it's because the members kissed her on the forehead?

- I heard that her father complained because of religious reasons

- Why is it sexual harassment when the girl liked it?

- Then kiss me instead

- Is it cultural differences? ㅠㅠ But it was done because the fan wanted it. Why are they calling it sexual harassment...

- ????? What in the world...?????

- I guess it's because the country is very conservative... Now idols can't even do fanservice

- The fan agreed it beforehand and she even apologized to her father. Innocent B1A4 is getting bashed for no reason...

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