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JYP praises

Pann: The best company honestly

(Pann praises JYP)


1. [+173, -9] You'd know that Park Jin Young still didn't lose his music talent if you listen to 15&'s Can't Hide It and GOT7's A... I changed my thoughts on him after seeing how he took care of Jackson on Roommate. I'm cheering for JYP

2. [+132, -18] Yeah... Honestly, if I were an artist, I'd want to join JYP, even if I don't hit big

3. [+107, -8] JYP's songs and dances are all my type ㅠㅠ

4. [+58, -0] It's true that JYP is the best company. They took Sunmi out when she said it was hard for her and let her promote again when she wanted to. They still supported Sunye even though Wonder Girls flopped hard. When other companies have year-end concerts, JYP does non-profit concerts at hospitals every year. JYP also lets other talented musicians from small companies practice at their company, like how Younha and K.Will did. It's not happening in other big companies. They're not the best in terms of earnings and size but they have the greatest mindset

5. [+58, -1] The reason why Park Jimin chose JYP is because "JYP is family-like". She said she never regretted going to JYP

6. [+46, -2] They'd be daebak if they do media-play... It's amazing how they got to here without media-play

7. [+41, -2] They have the best mindset from Big3

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