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EXO-L's internal conflicts

Pann: I'm leaving this fandom, bye

(EXO-L talks about how they're fed-up with their own fandom)


1. [+322, -15] I agree 100%. The biggest anti of EXO is EXO-L. Just look at the other fandoms. I went to Infinite Pann channel by chance and they were so warm and nice. Other fandoms defend each other but we're busy hating each other. So frustrating

2. [+253, -12] Rude fans, this post is telling you guys to wake up. Why do you guys say stuff like "leave quietly"... Wake up and know that other singers are just as precious as our singers

3. [+245, -13] I can never leave my fandom but it's true that I'm starting to hate EXO-L ㅋㅋㅋ There are a lot of good fans on EXO-L Pann channel but these rude fans and stupid haters drive me crazy. Other fandoms come and leave sexual insults and manipulate the posts. Rude fans always bash other singers. It's a total mess. When will our fandom be mature? I'm really curious. At least there are more well-mannered fans nowadays but the image is still shit ㅋㅋ Fuck but I'm still a slave of EXO

4. [+87, -4] Honestly, don't we have the most internal conflicts of all the fandoms? OT8, OT9, OT10, OT11, OT12, OT6, we have every kind of OT. And if a member gets into a rumor, we bash him

5. [+80, -5] Everything aside, this fandom fights with each other ㅋㅋ It's fucking funny. I joined the fandom because of Baekhyun after Taengkoong. So I posted pictures of Baekhyun and said that he's handsome, but I got all sorts of curses just because I stanned Baekhyun ㅋㅋ I left the fandom right away. Why the hell are they bashing other fans?

6. [+70, -1] I'm so embarrassed to say that I'm a fan of EXO in front of someone. People think EXO fans are all stupid

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