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A friend who gives you goosebumps

Pann: Do you have a friend who gives you goosebumps?


1. [+212, -1] It's not goosebumps but... I have a friend who went to the same elementary, middle, and high schools with me. When we were in elementary school, she kept saying that she was gonna marry a foreigner. In middle school, she even chose a specific country - France. In high school, she set up certain standards ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Frenchman who has hazel hair, long eyelashes, pale skin, brown eyes, and a bit of freckles. Up until then, me and my other friends made fun of her because she was getting the worst grades in the entire school... She was pretty, though. As soon as we graduated from high school, she went off to France with the money she saved up to travel. She went with a cheaper price because her parents worked at a travel company. And she met a guy who fits all those standards. They're married with kids and are living in France... She achieved her long-term dream. Instead of feeling dumbfounded, I found this situation so funny. Her husband is even rich, so she can see the Eiffel Tower from her house... She's an amazing friend in many ways ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+183, -9] When I was in middle school, I suddenly started getting terror texts from random numbers like 0000 and 4444. I got pictures of genitals, the texts called me a slut, sent me pictures of my selcas photoshopped weirdly, and cursed at me. I got calls from anonymous numbers everyday. It kept ringing from morning to night. It went on for a month. I struggled emotionally so I had to go to a mental hospital. My medical record still has the mental treatment recorded. I first told my best friend about it. She listened to me and said she'll cheer for me. She said I can call her everyday. I went to a hospital, talked to my parents, went to police, and did all sorts of things. I caught the offender, and it turned out to be the best friend. She posted my phone number on the Internet and asked people to curse at me. She was in an idol fansite so she posted my number there and her friends all bullied me through it. When she was caught, she transferred her school right away. This year, I got accepted to a university. I heard that she dropped out of high school. It's still a big trauma for me. I never answer calls from unknown numbers and I never reply to them. My hands still shake when I get a call from an unknown number

3. [+137, -13] I have pale skin. There's a kid in my class and he always says, "people like you have the most tasty blood..." and stares at my veins. His voice is so creepy, too

4. [+106, -2] Those kids who talk shit about others but act so kind in front of them

5. [+106, -3] There's a boy in my grade who gets paid by sleeping with married women. On his Kakaotalk, he has a whole list of noonas

6. [+83, -4] Those who have mythomania give me goosebumps. Not because they're scary, but because they look idiotic... They make up stories of their non-existent boyfriend, their father as a detective, their mother as a doctor, and their non-existent oppa. They make up imaginary people... I don't know why they do that

7. [+77, -0] When I was in middle school, my ex-boyfriend dated our English teacher.... They didn't last long. He broke up with her and she clung to him....

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