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Pink Tape vs Red Light

Pann: Pink Tape vs Red Light

2nd full album Pink Tape (13.07.29)

1. Rum Pum Pum Pum
2. Shadow
3. Pretty Girl
4. Kick
5. Signal
6. Step
7. Goodbye Summer (feat. D.O)
8. Airplane
9. Toy
10. No More
11. Snapshot
12. Ending Page

3rd full album Red Light (14.07.07)

1. Red Light
3. Butterfly
4. Rainbow
5. All Night
6. Vacance
7. Spit it Out
8. Boom Bang Boom
9. Dracula
10. Summer Lover
11. Paper Heart


1. [+66, -3] I'm not a fan but Pink Tape. I even bought the album

2. [+61, -4] I honestly had no interest in f(x)'s music but I fell in love with Pink Tape's b-sides. Pink Tape is good enough to be a legend. The songs are all unique in terms of concept and they're high quality. Especially Ending Page ㅠㅠ The members' voices are so sweet... I also recommend Beautiful Stranger, it's a good song. Krystal's voice suits in this song. Her voice is fantastic


3. [+50, -1] I'm a non-fan but Pink Tape

4. [+34, -2] Pink Tape. America chose the best 41 albums and Pink Tape was the only album chosen from Asia. People don't really know about it. Pink Tape is a legend

5. [+32, -3] Pink Tape is legendary among Korean girl groups. The concept and all the songs are daebak... The art video of Shadow made me go wooow

6. [+22, -0] Am I the only one who prefers Red Light? The concept is good and I really like the title track, Vacance, All Night and MILK

7. [+17, -0] Pink Tape has the best concept and b-sides. The school uniform is so pretty ㅠㅠ

8. [+15, -1] The school uniform is so pretty... Some group copied it but they didn't look as good as this. F(x) looks fancier. I think it's because of Min Hee Jin director and f(x)'s visual

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