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Girl group member who was a sasaeng of Leeteuk

Instiz: Girl group member who was a sasaeng of Super Junior Leeteuk

Yoon Soo Jin, 91'er.

She followed Leeteuk since his debut and Leeteuk knew her.
In her group, there was a pretty fan of Eunhyuk and another pretty fan of Sungmin.
Sungmin's fan had something going on with a well-known national player.
They were famous for their pretty looks and they got through a lot because they knew the security guards.

Leeteuk knew her face and name and he treated her well.
She lied him that she was a daughter of a broadcast station's CEO and he believed her because she could get into the waiting rooms. He treated her well because of that, but she was caught lying.

Other SJ members also knew her because she followed them for years and also because her group was infamous.
Sungmin called her 'cursing grandma' because she was pretty but the way she talked was rough.

She followed Leeteuk for years. When SHINee debuted, she almost went for Onew with some other Leeteuk fans, but she kept following Leeteuk. She randomly fangirled Yoon Doojun at some point and ended her sasaeng life with Leeteuk. She debuted in a girl group afterwards.

She was a sasaeng, but she wasn't as severe as TVXQ sasaengs. There isn't any sasaeng as bad as TVXQ ones.


- GLAM Trinity. She left the group now, though!

- Ah this person is very famous

- Is this why she left her group? Sasaengs give me goosebumps

- I knew her since before... Lately, there's this pink-haired European unnie who's infamous among fans ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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