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Male idols' characteristics

Pann: Male idols' characteristics


Baekhyun - ex-stan attractor

Xiumin - the real stan attractor

Kai - Gets the most attention from non-fans


Doojun/Kikwang - Stan attractors + mostly recognized by non-fans

Yoseob - Stan attractor + blocks the exit of the fandom


L - Gathers the fans first

Sunggyu - Stan attractor + blocks the exit of the fandom

Woohyun - recognized by non-fans


N - Gathers the fans first

Leo - stan attractor

Block B
Zico - Gathers the fans first
Stan attractors - P.O/Taeil
Blocks the exit - Park Kyung

Taemin/Jonghyun/Minho - Gathers the fans first
Onew - Blocks the exit/stan attractor
Key - non-fans attractor

Baro - Gathers the fans first
Sandeul - Blocks the exit
Gongchan - Blocks the exit


1. [+259, -63] Why don't people realize that Sehun is an ant hell...
(TN: 'ant hell' is a term to describe an idol who makes it hard to quit fangirling)

2. [+163, -37] Infinite is accurate ㅋㅋㅋ Most people enter the fandom by Myungsoo and Sunggyu blocks the exit ㅋㅋ Woohyun has good personalities so he has no haters

3. [+110, -24] There are a lot of Shawols who are maniacs... If you enter the fandom, you won't find the exit... You'll even fall deeper. You'll be proud with their live and they're so good to their fans


4. [+57, -8] I think Xiumin is one of the five cutest male celebrities so far. It makes me want to throw up when male idols try to act cute because I barely saw natural cuteness. But he tries to act manly despite his cute looks

5. [+57, -8] Isn't Xiumin a king of non-fans?

6. [+52, -6] The problem is that he doesn't act cute but he's cute...


7. [+52, -5] Baekhyun was no joke... Before Taengkoong, Baekhyun had the most fans. The most fans I saw around me were Baekhyun stans

8. [+45, -6] Xiumin is the king of non-fans and Sehun also blocks the exit

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