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Idols who have good voices

Pann: Idols who have jjang jjang voices

Sweet line

Sistar Soyu




Unique line

2AM Jokwon

AOA Choa

EXO Chen

Winner Taehyun


Clear line

Lovelyz Kei

Apink Eunji

15& Yerin


1. [+109, -28] Great live line


2. [+81, -9] The flaw is that Onew, Yoseob and Sunggyu are not there

3. [+64, -34] Kei's voice is really good

4. [+52, -5] Huh, there's no Sunggyu and Onew

5. [+52, -23] Taehyun-ah ㅠㅠ Such a good voice!! Also Seungyoon!

6. [+42, -19] I'm not a fan of Lovelyz but on a radio, Ryu Soojung and Kei sang Friday. Their voices were amazing... No need to say much for Kei and Ryu Soojung is good, too

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