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How to differentiate cat-faced and puppy-faced (and octopus-faced)

Pann: How to differentiate cat-faced and puppy-faced


Innocent and calm looks


Chic and fancy looks

(Pann also asks the readers to put their own picture in the center)


1. [+155, -1] Why did you leave a space in the center? To put a picture of me?


2. [+119, -0] This is crazy ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I'll automatically become an octopus

3. [+87, -0] I don't think my face should be included

4. [+31, -1] I'm octopus-faced ^^


5. [+25, -0] Octopuses are fine. Why do you guys compare ugly people to an octopus?


6. [+19, -0] Are you seriously telling me to put my face there? Are you insane?

7. [+18, -0] Fuck, this is an octopus frame

8. [+18, -0] I'll become octopus-faced if I'm there

9. [+18, -0] Why should I experience being an octopus

10. [+16, -0] Is this a way of differentiating an alternative organism? Hey, we need to fight


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